Variance Vessels

Functional Handcrafted Sculpture


Variance Vessels, a derivative of Variance Intelligent Habitat Systems (VIHS), is a small, craft prototype shop ten minutes south of Austin in Buda, TX, and is owned and operated by Zac Zamora. For the past eleven years, we have been creating living exhibits for zoos and museums in the form of terrariums, aquariums, and all the spaces in between. Outfitted with professional skill, fine tools, and an abundance of materials, custom planters and living walls was a natural offshoot from our habitat business, hence Variance Vessels’ birth in 2008. All goods are created right here, in small runs, which frees us from boredom, and is our fuel to create new designs.


Our first line of vessels were created from cast stone, better known as concrete. This media was readily available, inexpensive, and created some permanent functional sculpture. The down side, concrete is extremely heavy, fairly fragile, and too costly to ship. We still play with this media, but on a more custom application basis. You may still find a few pieces resting heavy at local nurseries and homes.


Variance Vessels media is evolving from stone to metal! New tools have allowed us to create new designs from new materials. These durable vessels are stackable, and shipping is much more of a feasible option. Most of our designs can be made of mild steel, which is more cost effective, or the everlasting stainless steel.